I first saw MAME back in 1997, not too long after it was first released. I felt like a kid again seeing all of my old favorites, but playing on the keyboard just was not much fun to me. I played a few games infrequently, but I was most interested in the project’s main goal of documentation. Watching the progress of MAME still fascinates me; MAMEdev are doing an incredible job of keeping these games alive.
In 2003, I found BYOAC, and actually playing games on MAME became a possibility. I bought a cabinet and converted it to run MAME. Again, I was disappointed with the controls, which led me to build a modular control panel.
I still play games on the MAME cab regularly, but now I also have a small collection of dedicated games to play. I currently have Donkey Kong, Tempest, MIllipede, Paperboy, Altered Beast, Pole Position, and a High Speed pin. I have had quite a few games pass through my little garage arcade over the last year and a half or so, but these are the keepers for now. I will try to keep my blogs updated regularly to describe the current state of my games.
I am currently a non traditional student at the University of Nevada, Reno. A nice way of saying that I am the old dude on campus. I have 2 semesters left after the current one, which means I will graduate a few months before turning 40. I am studying Computer Engineering with an emphasis on game development. Yep, a lifetime attraction to games, and now maybe a chance to work on them for a living. Life is good.

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