It took me 3 years to find a Pinbot to purchase, and I finally brought one home in 2011. Other than High Speed, this was my favorite pin during High School. The visor was cool, and the gameplay was just fun for me. It is only 2 ball multiball, but that is a good thing for me. I really suck at multiball. I ended up buying this pin as a project. A friend on KLOV had it for a while and never had the time to get it all working. After probably a year, he finally decided to sell it to me (thanks John). I was hoping for an easy fix when I got it home, but the motherboard was badly damaged from battery acid leakage, which is common on these games. I bought a reproduction board instead of trying to fix the old one. This is a game I intend to keep, and I thought it was a good idea to just go with a (hopefully) problem free solution. I had to fix a few other things, but it wasn’t long before the game was playable. I am writing this on Christmas 2011, and Pinbot is currently out of order. It was the only game that didn’t survive my graduation party two weeks ago. I knew the visor mechanism wasn’t 100%, and that is what broke. I will have to tear it apart pretty soon to get it fixed.

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